Flounder had the chance to sit down with Corey Taylor of Slipknot, while at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center, shortly before Slipknot took the stage during the Summer's Last Stand Tour. Q103 honored Slipknot's request of "No video backstage" so here is the audio from Flounder's interview and a video of kittens.

Recently my wife adopted two kittens, because our 3 year old son said "I want a kitty."

He forgot about it the next day, but my wife did not and I am pretty sure it was because it was that time of the month and she was feeling sad.

So why not adopt a little fuzzy thing, with claws and stinky poop that you have to scoop out of a box of sand, while hovering over it, trying not to breathe the kitty stink in too deeply.

My wife is not the most reasonable person, and like most Americans, if she fixates on accomplishing something that she knows she can, she will.

So I fought crazy with crazy and told her that she can get the kitten, but I get to name it. Then when the day came to adopt a kitten, she brought home one, then got guilted into bringing home a second kitten.

Why? Because when a woman is enduring her monthly, she can get away with just about anything.

Unfortunately, if you get another woman to deal with it, it makes the situation worse, because their cycles aline, then you have to deal with two crazies at once.

My process in selecting a name for a pet is very sophisticated, I often choose the silliest name. That way I can weed out pretentious people who would judge me based on the name I choose to give my pet, if they do not like my pets silly name, then it shows that they have no sense of humor and take themselves too seriously, and I don't have any room for that type of person in my life.

That is why I named the kittens.

Sensational Queen Sherri

and the Macho Cat Randy Savage