Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters took to the stage on December 13th in New Zealand.  During their performance the band made history and registered earthquake level tremors directly related to the highs and lows of the Foo's set.   The band also used footage from that earth rattling show to create a video for their new song 'These Days'. Watch it now! Two seismic monitors just outside the stadium where the Foo's performed on December 13th, registered volcanic activity level frequencies during the set.

Grohl didnt exactly recall or feel the ground shaking, but the sound guy who was standing in the middle of the field as well as some of the road crew did feel it.

The next stage Grohl and the Foos hope to rattle are the Grammy Awards February 12th, where the band is set to perform and is nominated for 6 Grammy's including Album of the year for 'Wasting Light'.

To forever commemorate the ground shaking experience the band used footage from the show including behind the scenes footage for their latest video 'These Days'.  Watch the video, did it move you too?