If you have ever watched an interview with Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl, you would see that he is quite the funny man. That is why it comes as no surprise to see that Dave is working with comedian and former "Simpsons" writer Dana Gould, on a sitcom that would be featured on the FX channel.

The show is very much a combination of "This is Spinal Tap", and Metallica's 2004 documentary "Some Kind of Monster". It focuses on a troubled rock band seeking therapy as a last ditch attempt to stay together after falling out. The catch is that their therapist, typically a couples counsellor, is hardly in the most stable of states, being on the brink of divorce.

Grohl expressed his views on bands seeking therapy with NME:

I believe one of the reasons we’ve managed to stay together is because we just don't tell each other everything. I know that some bands hire therapists to help them sit down and work shit out. That would completely destroy our band. Bands in therapy are doomed. You shouldn't be open emotionally with your band. From the beginning we wanted to make it clear that this was not like the drama club. We did not want any bullshit.