Need to get active and work off some of the gluttony of Thanksgiving? Why not do it at one of New York States 250 parks for FREE?

Gov. Andrew Cuomo wants to make sure New Yorkers don't fall down the sin rabbit hole by becoming a victim of greed and gluttony this Thanksgiving so he is encouraging us all to take part in some post-Thanksgiving events like 'Buy Nothing Day' or a 'Thanksgiving Walk Off'.

It just so happens he is going to let you do both of those at the same time at any of New York States 250 state parks for FREE on Friday, November 24th. As an added bonus if you stay local it looks like Ma Nature is going to get in on the "get outdoors" encouragement my providing the Capital Region with some decent weather. The forecast is looking like sunshine with a high of 46 as of right now!

According to, there are a bunch of parks in NY state that have some fun activities going on Friday if you are interested in participating you can click HERE for a list of events.

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