For many uber has been a sustainable part-time job. For a former retired mayor of Schenectady it is fun!

Uber has been in the Capital Region for about a year now, many love it and some hate it. Few hate it. If you read Candace's post linked below, you know that Uber may not be the best way to get home from a concert at SPAC.

With that aside, Uber and Lyft alike have been a quick and easy alternative to cabs. About 6 months ago former Schenectady mayor Albert Jurczynski began being a driver for Uber. Now retired after his 8 year run as mayor of the Electric City, he loves driving his Honda CRV getting people from A to B.

Now you may think, oh big deal. Well, Al has a rating of 4.95 out of 5. You would be thrilled it seems to have him take you where you need to go. 6 months and 1,600 trips later have been logged for him. It seems along with the extra cash, this also is a hobby for him.