How dare you backstop fence, how dare you not stop a foul ball doing about 30 mph's intended for an old man's face? And while I'm at it, hey Apple? You think you could make an app for reflexes? This old-timer needs help!

I mean seriously, this old dude literally watches a foul ball come zinging directly at his face and what does he do? He keeps his eyes fixated on his electronic device. Hey grandpa, how about you sit down and let everyone watch the game? I mean, damn dude, did you mistake your grand daughter's iPad for your magnifying glass?

You know what though: Seeing the field must be challenging so you brought your $700 flat screen so the peeps in the back could see? That's it, I figured it out!

So I don't come off as a complete ass, old dude laughs it off and everyone seems to be ok. Carry on...


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