I had the best time last night at Northern Lights! I finally got to meet and see Frank Palangi perform, as he opened up for Trapt. Candlelight Red and The Lost Sons also performed. The day started with two of the bands visiting the station, and ended with Trapt on stage until almost midnight.

Earlier in the day, Candlelight Red visited the Q103 studios, followed by Trapt a few hours later. Both bands were interviewed on-air and even performed acoustically. I got to sit in on Trapt front man Chris Brown's interview and acoustic versions of "Contagious" and "Headstrong," which was a very special moment. Chris discussed the current status of the band and the headway they're making on their new, upcoming album Reborn, which is scheduled to come out in late September.

Listening to him sing on the radio was a real gift- it showcased his raw talent and voice, and proved that he doesn't need back-up instrumentals because his voice alone is brilliant. The entire time he was singing my entire upper body was blanketed with chills, and anytime that happens it truly is something amazing and a beautiful experience.

Later that night at Northern Lights, local opening act Frank Palangi came on stage. He is one of the newest up and coming heartthrob musicians. We have covered him extensively since he was "discovered" and he is quickly rising in popularity. He had a big fan base present including a few groups of girls who were wearing fancy dresses and covered in glitter for Frank, as well as a number of people who donned their Frank apparel in support. I even got to meet his parents (one by surprise and one on purpose)  who were very sweet. I thought it was awesome that they came out to see their son perform, and that's just what he did.

Frank opened up with a Johnny Cash intro- his three-piece band surrounding him (the drummer's set reminded me of Dorothy's shoes when she was in Emerald City- shiny, sparkly bright red). They just popped on stage and it was very apparent Frank is a natural on stage- confident, interactive, passionate and full of life. All four guys were very energetic and completely into the music. They occasionally threw things out to the audience, who responded well to Frank and his band. He really ignites the crowd and the stage, and if his face were an open book you would be able to read on him just how much he loves what he does. It was an honor seeing him play, and I felt such a sense of pride watching him. I feel as though we've almost been with him from the beginning, watching him quickly evolve into this rock star, and I was just so incredibly proud. It's clear that this is just the beginning of a very successful road for Frank, and I can't wait to see where it takes him.

In addition to the set list, a few small solos were done, as well as bits and pieces of cover songs that were made into one song that included "Sweet Home Alabama" and some Led Zeppelin.

Frank's set list was as follows:

  • Intro
  • "It's All Right"
  • "I Am Ready"
  • "Good Times Bad Times"
  • "Driving These Lines"
  • Solo
  • "I'm Waiting"

Local band The Lost Sons took the stage next and put on a good show, as usual, and got good vibes from the audience. Their set list was as follows:

  • "Breakthrough"
  • "Empathy"
  • "Perception"
  • "57"
  • "The End"

Pennsylvania quartet Candlelight Red performed third. It was their second to last show with Trapt, and I really enjoyed their performance as a whole, as well as them individually. When we first arrived at Lights they were hanging out in their trailer grilling up some dinner, and were kind enough to share with us. They were friendly, down-to-earth guys who turned up the volume when they got on stage. They were a bit heavier than the previous bands and their music was fast, loud and catchy. My favorite part was when they covered the classic "She's Got the Looks." I love when old-time songs are interpreted into a harder style- it's a classic so it will never die, but yet any spin put on it will make it equally, if not more as awesome. Hopefully they come back to the area soon!

Rock quartet Trapt then came on, and the crowd went nuts. The first thing I noticed was that the neck

on one of the guitars had blue lights on it. I had never seen that before and thought it was a cool effect. We had to leave early, but it looked as though they would once again put on a great show that featured "all the songs you [the crowd] want to hear," as Chris said on the air.

Their set list included the following:

  • "Bring It"
  • "Who's Going Home With You Tonight"
  • "Echo"
  • "Headstrong"
  • "Sound Off"
  • "Still Frame"

Just judging from these few songs, it sounds like Trapt definitely delivered and gave their fans what they wanted.

Were you at the show? What band was your favorite?