Fourth times a charm, right? That's an expression, right? Well, it should be.

The first three Free Beer & Hot Wings Live At Night Social Distancing Editions went awesome so your favorite idiots are doing it again...TONIGHT!


Unfortunately, Free Beer & Hot Wings had to postpone their uncensored, commercial-free Live At Night shows here in Albany. So, the guys have decided to bring their Live At Night show to you on Facebook. It's the next best thing...with social distancing.

Free Beer and Hot Wings will play some games, take calls and basically just do an extended version of Segment 17, but available for everyone! So just be back here this Friday night, June 19th at 7 PM, and hang out with Free Beer, Hot Wings, Joe, Kelly, and Steve for a couple of hours! It doesn't replace the live shows that we had to cancel, but it'll still be fun!

I've heard that Kelly has been working on something special for tonight's show. It has something to do with their "What did we learn today" feature. I can't wait to hear it.

Here's the first two  "Live At Night Social Distancing Edition" to get you ready for tonight's show.

Here's the Free Beer & Hot Wings Live At Night Social Distancing Edition 2

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