Getting pulled over by a cop is no fun, especially if you end up with a ticket for some minor violation.

But what if instead of getting a ticket, the cop gave you a present? That's probably something that all of us would be OK with.

A group from Up TV was recently filming in West Michigan, with some help from the Lowell Police Department.

They had Officer Scot VanSolkema pull people over for minor traffic violations in late November. During the stop, he proceeded to ask them if they had finished their Christmas shopping and what they wanted this year.

A team of people was waiting at a nearby Meijer store, listening in on the whole conversation. They would then buy the gifts, quickly wrap them and DELIVER THEM TO THE DRIVER AT TRAFFIC STOP! This all took place in the span of 10 to 15 minutes!

About 50 drivers were handed out about 30 presents worth about $7,000, WZZM-13 reported.

Check out the WZZM-13 news story, as well as some of the raw video below.