When on the run from the police, there are a few things that are very important.  Stay in the shadows, avoid public places, and update your facebook page - wait, what?


The man above is 26 year old Travis Nicolaysen from Washington State, and currently he is on the run from the authorities.  The charges he faces are a few felonies, including domestic abuse and burglary.  A model citizen, probably not, but a model social media user, yes.

Despite being on the run from the law, he's sticking it to the man by having time to update his facebook page.  Not only is he responding to comments on his page by friends wishing him the best of luck while on the run, he also updated his relationship status to single.  On the run, and looking for love.

It's only a matter of time before all his facebook habits catch up with him and he's tossed in the slammer.  Until then, we are keeping a close watch on our news feed to see where he checks in.

[Via Yahoo]