It’s the first big snowstorm of 2019, and we hope everyone is as stocked up and prepared as possible.

But aside from the typical and practical necessities- flashlights, shovels, gloves, water, bread, batteries, etc- we wanted to know what else is necessary for a storm.  Because practicality is necessary, but so is fun!  Being cooped up during a storm can get boring. Well, we asked and you answered!  Here are some of the things you deemed necessary to have for a storm:

  • Beer- a lot of people were all about the beer.
  • Fireball and Rum- some of you will be having a good time! But I also think maybe eventually getting some really bad heartburn or a hangover
  • Netflix- entertainment necessary, agreed (I’d also throw in the q103 app for some good rock tunes)
  • Dino Nuggets- my favorite mention of the list!  Love Dino nuggets
  • Snacks- some of you mentioned things like m&m’s, ice cream, brownies and brownie mix, which we totally agree with.  If you’re cooped up, better have yummy snacks!
  • Boobies-  well, to each their own, right?