Gavin Rossdale has always been a crush of mine ever since Bush's first cd Sixteen Stone. I think everyone had has a crush on him at least once in their lives. He was like the David Beckham of the 90's. So tonight Gavin is my crush.

Gavin MgGregor Rossdale is his full name. You don't hear many MgGregors as middle names. He was born in London, England. His birthday is October 30th 1965. He is married as we all know to Gwen Stephani and they have a son together. He has been in other bands but most known for his role as vocals and guitar in Bush. Bush took a break for awhile but now they're back!! They're back with new music and touring with NickelBack. Which will be at Spac July 24th....Keep listen to Q103 for your Tickets!!! 

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