"If he never sang a note, he was just a great songwriter" says Mike Garson, pianist and long-time band member of David Bowie.

Garson spoke with Q103 Albany to talk Bowie and the upcoming "A Bowie Celebration" show coming to the Palace Theatre March 6th.  From discussing experiences with Perry Farrell [Jane's Addiction], Gavin Rossdale [Bush], Lorde, and Sting to the new generation of music fans, Garson really hits home as to why the legacy of David Bowie is just so important.  "Everybody was affected by David's music from day one- he was the soundtrack of their lives."

With new songs added to the set list and a crew of Bowie band members (as this is an alumni tour- not a cover band), "A Bowie Celebration" is set to be a true musical event in the Capital Region this coming week.

In the interview above, Garson also talks about collaborating and writing with David Bowie in years past, what is was like being a musician in his band, and stories about Bowie's musical ability to pull the best out of his artists.  Last but not least, he talks about musical healing, and what it really means to have a 'great rock show.'

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