Don't worry Rock-A-Holics there will be no incidents like the one at the Target in Glens Falls at Rock'N Derby.

Lollapalooza 2006 - Day 2
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At Rock'N Derby there will be plenty of gender neutral bathrooms and plenty of noise to drown out those who oppose our gender neutral bathrooms, and I hope that someone does show up to shame our gender neutral bathrooms for some reason the people who are against gender neutral bathrooms neglected porta-pottys.

Porta-pottys are bathrooms too and deserve the same attention that bathrooms receive and they often do, people do the same things in a porta-potty that they would do in a bathroom.

So why are bathrooms getting all the attention?

Size should not matter, location should not matter.

Porta-pottys are bathrooms too and no one seems to care but me, I care about you Porta-potty.

This weekend show some love for the Porta-pottys and shame them for being gender neutral.

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