Unfortunately, news being reported about the General Electric in Schenectady is not great.

According to News Channel 13, the Schenectady General Electric announced the elimination of 225 positions, which means laying off about 200 employees.  Manufacturing and assembly employees are those being affected according to the report, and those being laid off will get a severance package.  According to the News Channel 13 report, local politicians including the Mayor of Schenectady announced their disappointment in this.  I mean, I sure would hope so.  That's another huge round of cuts, and not the first, that has happened at the Schenectady General Electric.  People work hard day in and day out, and it just feels like there's barely any job security when huge cuts like this get announced.  I understand the difficulty with someone close to me who works for a large corporation and deals with the anxiety every time layoffs get announced.  It's awful.  Good luck to everyone who is affected by these layoffs and hopefully there is another work opportunity for you waiting in the Capital Region!