Geoff Tate, formerly of Queensryche, is on the road and coming to the Capital Region, a place he remembers well.

Geoff Tate is headed to Empire Live in Albany for a January 27th show! Tate is calling this the "30th Anniversary of Empire & Rage for Order Tour" and tickets are on sale now! Purchase tickets for $20 in advance or $25 the day of the show. Get your at

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In an exclusive interview with our own Matt Wardlaw of Ultimate Classic Rock Weekends, Geoff Tate revealed a personal connection to Albany!

You know, the reason why we’re doing this show in Albany is because a friend of ours, who lives near Albany said, “Hey look, you haven’t played Albany in a long time. I really want you to play Albany. How come you don’t play here?” “Well, we don’t have a promoter that would bring us to Albany.” He said, “Well, I’ll do it. I’ll contact the promoter myself and I’ll get you to Albany." - Geoff Tate


Do you remember Northern Lights on Rt. 146 in Clifton Park? Maybe you saw Slash in 2001, Disturbed in 2000 or Blue Oyster Cult in 1998? Geoff Tate remembers playing there.

Yeah, there was a club called Northern Lights. We played there a couple of times. It was in a strip mall or something like that. I have vivid memories of sitting in the back parking lot of that building. You’d have to walk through a bunch of trash, garbage and greasy dumpsters to get to the venue. - Geoff Tate


In prepping for performing the "Rage for Order" and "Empire" albums live, what were some of the challenges?

There were quite a few things. It’s really difficult to play. Queensryche music is difficult to play. It really is. You know, a lot of times, even musicians, seasoned musicians have a tough time with it. You hear it and you think, “Oh, okay, I’ve got it.” But then you go to play it and you realize, “Oh no, I don’t have it at all.” We did all kinds of weird progressive things to our music when writing it. - Geoff Tate

Hear it live Thursday night at Empire Live in Albany.

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