The cold we had at the beginning of the week was absolutely brutal! Well, we may be seeing more of it soon.

According to NYUP we could be seeing this bitter cold as soon as Thursday of this upcoming week. I know just last week when conversating with someone, I said I would rather feet of snow that bitter cold. I know a lot of people may lean the other way. The brutal cold followed by 50-degree weather caused boats to break free on the Hudson! Snow didn't do that.

On to what kind of cold we could be seeing. An Accuweather meteorologist, Paul Pastelok claims this probably won't be as bad as the freeze we experienced in February of 2015. A month we never got about 32 degrees. But it will be cold! He said it will come in two phases.

So first, starting on Thursday through late the following week and then another burst of extended cold to come later in the month.

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