So if you live in the Glenmont area, lucky for you, a new supermarket is going to be built in a fairly well-trafficked area.

The supermarket will go into an area that already has a whole lot of retailers. Many food and chain stores. Applebees, Wendy's, Taco Bell, Walmart, Lowes and now a new grocery store just across the street. If you know the area of 9W where the Petrol gas station is, then you have pinpointed the exact location. The new store will be right where the gas station is.

Now, all of this is according to Times Union. One thing they are not saying is what the actual store is going to be. So, I am going to sit here and hope. I would doubt it, but how awesome would it be if this is a Wegmans? Like I said I really doubt that, I feel like they would do a more central location if they were indeed to come to the Capital Region.

Read more from Times Union here.

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