Small, minor detail. But then again, it's a thing a town in the area was named for. We are proud to say, yeah our area made those.

If you caught the opening ceremonies for the 2018 Winter Olympics yesterday from Pyeongchang, South Korea, you may have noticed the United States athletes wearing gloves that looked uber cozy. Those gloves were produced for them right here in New York, and only an hour drive from the Albany.

These awesome looking gloves which I would like to buy were made in Gloversville, go figure. The gloves were actually designed by Ralph Lauren but produced in the Glove City. They were made from Bison leather according to an article written by News 10. The man who was responsible had this to say.

“The animals are raised in the U.S., the meat is sold in the U.S., the skins are tanned in the U.S., and the gloves are made in the U.S.”-NEWS 10


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