Good News: Good News Bad News is new and improved!

Bad News: I still look fat.

Good News: I've been waiting three years in the Q studio working the boards for the Free Beer and Hot Wings Morning Show waiting for New York to legalize Marijuana so I can be a spokes person for a Marijuana Company. Who wants to smoke America's weed?

Bad News: It's taking New York forever to do this and I am pretty sure that all the Marijuana Companies have spokes people.

Good News: I just noticed that panies are pluralization of Company.

Bad News: Can you imagine what my blogs would be like if Marijuana is legal?

Good News: If there really is a alien species of super intelligent chickens who would be offended if they found the chicken sandwich that KFC is sending in to space, we can send Vegans to the front lines of that war.

Bad News: If grass fed beef taste as good as it does, imagine how good grass fed human will taste? The Super Chickens will start raising Vegans for human nuggets and sandwiches.

Good News: I swear I am not stoned as I write this.

Bad News: I was not stoned when I thought about this ether.


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