Good News: My favorite team: The Detroit Lions are taking on the New Jersey Giants tonight on Monday Night Football!

Bad News: Eli Manning eats his own boogers.

Good News: I did not pay Jess 12 dollars to say that she is a Lions fan, so I am not buying Lions fans here.

Bad News: Jess is a liar, last year she told me that we were going to do a really cool cemetery. She kept telling me that we were going to do the video but would cancel at the last minute, she would say things like: I've got to get my hair done, I have to get my feet scraped, My Hamster started talking and wants me to go to Nebraska...

Then she showed up at my apartment with masked armed men and forced me into a van that took me to the middle of the cemetery, then she kicked me in the face and left me for dead.

Good News: After some deep thinking and some soul searching I would like to apologize to Candace about bringing up that Marijuana in Nevada thing with Candace, it did have nothing to do with her and now I know.

Bad News: Candace is no fun.

Good News: I so get a long with all of my other coworkers...

Bad News: I actually had to think about that.

Good News: I have been turning off the coffee!

Bad News: Eli Manning still eats his boogers.

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