If you are like me, you've been waiting with anticipation for the release of Grand Theft Auto Five. Finally, tomorrow will be the day we've been waiting for.

The game was pushed back from it's original release date around the holiday sales season in 2012 to September 17, 2013. Which after seeing so many elements of the game in previews, I'm glad they waited until it was "just right" to unleash upon the world.

The follow-up to 2008's Grand Theft Auto 4 and Downloadable Content Games, "Five" promises so many more great things expanded upon that we love so much about the GTA series. With the release of this title, many of us will be locked down starting at 12:01 am for hours on end to play through the wide open world of Los Santos and it's three lead characters.

Here are my Top 5 Reasons "GTA V" will keep me up all night and indoors.

  • GTA V Cost $137 Million To Make

    Yep, that's more than movie blockbusters Watchmen and Prometheus cost to make. Each film was reported around $130 million to produce.

    $137 million to make, sounds crazy right? Not really when you consider that the game will most likely make that back on launch date (just judging by the number of pre-orders).

  • Los Santos Is HUGE!

    Easily the largest map for an open world game to date. Rockstar Games upped their game by creating a world that is 49 square miles.

    To put that in perspective, Manhattan is only 23 square miles. Los Santos is bigger than the maps for GTA IV, GTA: San Andres, and Red Dead Redemption combined!

    There will be so much to do outside of the basic story line that you may not see the light of day until Thanksgiving morning.

  • Story Line Is Deep

    GTA V has over 80,000 lines of dialogue for you to hear throughout the game-play process. Remember "Mass Effect 3"? It only has 40,000 lines. "Fallout: Vegas" - 65,000 lines.

    Throughout your journey you will hear people on their phones walking around the streets, cursing from their cars, and even the DJs for the game's radio stations.

    Prepare you ears for an onslaught of talking.

  • Three Lead Characters

    This goes along with No.3. GTA V introduces something new to the series, three main characters that you can play at will. Yes, at will.

    Since Los Santos is so huge and you have three characters you can play - you can switch between each as you see fit to complete missions, buy stuff, and even partake in a little criminal activity.

    (Warning - Video NSFW)


  • Online Game Play

    With the expanded world Los Santos, means expanded online game play.

    GTA V will not disappoint here with the ability to create gangs (like Red Dead Redemption) to rule the city, joining friends to complete missions, the ability to buy your "own place" to house parties, and much, much more.

    Once you've completed the game, there is still more to do online.

    (Warning: Video NSFW)