In Albany, Ga. a ADDU Dashcam captures an epic GTA style car chase and everyone is in character for the occasion. I hope no one is disappointed by my ruse and I realize that I am a day late for April Fools Day, but seriously please don't try this in Albany, NY.   


Nothing like a good car chase to fuel the brain in the morning, I have never been involved in a car chase. Not even when I play GTA, when I play GTA I gather all of the vehicles I can find and line them up on the train tracks.

I would not call it "Train Chasing" because I am not chasing a train, I am waiting for it.

In regards to my clever title, the best day to pull a good April Fools Day prank is the next day, no one is expecting it then.

In my defense, this did happen in a city called Albany.