Video of the South Carolina deputy, using excessive force on a high school student, has been the hot issue this week, and now, it's the Great Debaters turn to voice their opinions on this hot topic.

The incident.

All jokes aside, I can not relate to the Deputy, because I was always the student in this situation, sometimes accidentally and sometimes on purpose, but I was never dragged out of my desk.

I was a real pioneer when it came to adolescent insubordination, because I would get in trouble for interesting things, like starting a feud with my broadcast journalism teacher, for not choosing me as the anchor for our student news show.

In my defense, I was the better option, that is why I broke away from the class project and started my own, but that's not what I got into trouble for.

My teacher did not like me, and attempted to make a mockery in front of my class, so I quoted Adam Sandler and said " Ahh ha ha ha ha ha SHHHUUUTTTTT UUUUPPPPP!!!!"

Then I attempted to negotiate my punishment with the Principle, because I had plans on the day he wanted to schedule my detention.

Then I made matters worse, when I attempted to have a serious conversation with the Principle, about the effectiveness of detention, and how it does nothing but waste my time.

When I did not show up for detention, I was eternally suspended, and that was a waste of time, all I did was homework and nap. No educational value at all.

In the case of the South Carolina assault, the Deputy's actions were nothing but macho, fear mongering, and all it taught the students was to fear authority figures, once again no educational value out of a high school classroom at all.

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