I don’t exactly agree with this Kalan Sherrard’s actions but I 100% agree with this sweeter than candy mug shot of his.

Sherrard was just one of many people in Miami protesting at the Art Basel inside the Miami Beach Convention Center. When police tried to remove the crowd of protesters Kalan Sherrard took extreme measures and used an instrument of justice from his pants. He started fighting off police with what was originally called an “unknown object”.

“The unknown item was discovered to be a prosthetic penis sex toy” - Alex Delgado, Miami Beach Police Officer

Sherrard is a pretty well known activist from the New York City area. I also think it is safe to assume the Kalan does nto know the difference between a sex toy and a light saber. This should make for an interesting night when he finally sees the new Star Wars film. “What’s with all the perversion on the screen? And why does that one guy have a 3 headed one?”