Saturday a Green Island resident was pulled over for driving without his lights on, but when police got to him they discovered a lot more wrong than that.


WTEN reports that a man from Green Island was arrested on Saturday after he was caught driving drunk, and not only was he driving drunk, he also had his 11 year old son in the car with him.

This father of the year is Patrick Goyette and you can bet he is in some serious trouble.  By driving drunk with someone under 15 in the car he has also violated Leandra's Law which makes it an automatic felony.

The laundry list of violations for this guy continues as he was also driving with a suspended license, charged with a DWI too for driving with a blood alcohol level of .15 and also not having his head lights on.  It's probably good for his son that they did pull him over because it sounds like he isn't mature enough to have kids with him.  He was taken to the Green Island Police department for processing.