Washington Square Park in Manhattan is a place to gather for graduations, concerts, chess and checkers. While you spend your time picnicking the day away, here is something to think about, your blanket just might be laying a few feet above dead bodies.

According to Real Estate Weekly, during a city construction project, workers unearthed human remains in Washington Square Park. How did the bodies get there? How were they not discovered sooner?

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In the 1800's the park was used as a potter’s field and became a burial ground for thousands of people. Many of these sites were unmarked while others were in a mass burial vault.

As recently as 2015, the Department of Design and Construction was replacing an old water main in the park and discovered two burial vaults holding approximately 30 bodies! What else lies beneath the surface of Washington Square Park? Let's explore.

Are There Bodies Buried in Washington Square Park?

Yes, bodies remain buried in Washington Square Park in Manhattan to this date.

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