Ahhh a good old phone scam. Well, good is not the right word, worthless people with nothing better to do than scam people, yeah that's more like it.

The Guilderland Police are warning people of a scam that could potentially leave them with less moolah in their bank accounts if not careful. Apparently, someone is scamming people by telling them they will be placed under arrest if they do not pay a sum of money. I mean that is the gist.

Someone who was actually able to make it look as is the Guilderland Police are calling your mobile or home phone, like legit, they are calling from the Guilderland Police phone number, or so it seems. They are saying you should seek legal counsel and pay up or an arrest will happen.

Like really, I myself, if I answered a call from a number that isn't saved in my contacts would say, alright.. arrest me. No police department would do that. They would try to find you, painstakingly. Not call and threaten.

If you actually get the call, just call the police and get this scammer put behind bars where they should be.