Go-Pro video has emerged of a Texas dad-to-be speeding down the highway, at 95 mph with his wife in labor. I'm going to catch a ton of flack for this, but, this guy is an idiot. They're both idiots. 

Nothing screams responsibility like driving at speeds that would decimate anything that happened to pop-up and meander into your lane. I don't care how good you think you are at driving, that speed is ridiculous and extremely reckless. Tire blowout? Forget about it.

And that's a happy thought right? Your tire blowing out, car doing nineteen flips down the road with your preggo wife tossed around like shake-n-bake chicken. Yep, pretty happy!

And it gets better.

Assuming your newborn survives, you're going to feel pretty proud of yourself when your introducing him/her to mom at the graveyard. Happy Mother's Day!!

But listen, I'm being too hard on dad, so.

Mom is a birth educator and they already have two children. So this birth should be like putting on a pair of sneakers, right? Mom should know what's up, no? At this point, she should've popped that puppy out at a local Walmart, bought a new pair of panties and carried on, right?

I don't know, this entire thing bothers me. These two are probably the worst human beings on the planet. It's like they were speeding down the highway so they can give birth comfortably in a hospital. FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS all day everyday.