Immense talent led Madison VanDenburg and Moriah Formica down the path of reality singing stardom, but they have something else in common that helped get them there.

It is pretty impressive that 2 singers that gained the national spotlight both attended Shaker High School. But according to a Times Union report, that is not the only education Idol finalist Madison VanDenburg and Voice contestant Moriah Formica have in common.

Both singers attended Modern Day Music School in Halfmoon, and the Times Union says the school is now seeing an uptick in students after the success of both Madison and Moriah. School officials told the TU Madison's recent run of success has encouraged other young girls to sign on for singing lessons and they had to hire more teachers to accommodate the influx of students.

If you have seen them sing, you know both Madison and Moriah are super talented. That talent and hard work are the major reasons they have both had so much success. But you have to figure a little coaching along the way helped them master their craft. Who knows, maybe the Capital Region's next Voice or Idol singer is mastering their craft right now at Modern Day Music!


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