The innovator of violence and hard core wrestling legend Tommy Dreamer is coming to the Albany NY area. It's not often I get to wrestling in the same city that I talk on the radio but this weekend is one of those rare exceptions. Not only will I get to put on the tights and drop a bunch of people on their heads in front of Q103 listeners, but I get to do it along side ECW original, former WWE and frequent Impact wrestling star Tommy Dreamer.

Dreamer runs a wrestling company called House of Hardcore that is based in Poughkeepsie NY but he cut his teeth in the original hard core wrestle mecca known as ECW. Hard core wrestling is more then just the use of weapons and the presence of blood. Hard core can just as easily be the display of guts, heart and the thirst to perform beyond ones limits for the audience. If you are familiar with Tommy Dreamer then you already understand what "hard core" means. This Saturday (1/10/2015) it's your opportunity to see him in action at the Troy Boys and Girls Club for The Dynasty... I will also be in action, but you already knew that and probably can't wait to see that.