Have you ever wanted to enter the world of Harry Potter? Take a step away from the Capital Region and rent this Airbnb just one state over!

I feel like as the resident "Potterhead" of WGNA, it's my job to tell my fellow Harry Potter fans of every opportunity there is to experience the magic. This time, friends, our next stop is in Massachusetts. There's an Airbnb owned by people who love Harry Potter as much as we do, and we get to reap the benefits!

For a cheap price of $150/night, you have a private room with one bed and a fresh English breakfast every morning. You can sleep surrounded by Nifflers and Snitches. You can see if you can talk to the pictures but look out for the Bowtruckles!

The owner of the building used to work in movies and has no decided to use her talents to create this great experience. The house is in close proximity to Salem. So, if you're looking to mash both of your obsessions together, you can also take a look at some of the places where "Hocus Pocus" were filmed. For obvious reasons, it's booking up fast for the summer so check it out!

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