A scary story out of Hamilton County after a man armed with a hatched attacked a New York State Trooper who was checking on an individual having a "mental heath issue".

According to the article in www.spectrumlocalnews.com the Trooper told the man to drop the hatched several times. When he didn't comply he tried to use his taser....which had no effect. At that point the man attacked the trooper with the hatched hitting the trooper in the head. At that point, the trooper had no choice but to use deadly force to stop the attack.

What's amazing is that even after being attacked, hit in the head with a hatchet and bleeding the State Trooper was still able to render aid to the man who he shot. He even used his portable defibrillator, but was unable to resuscitate the man.

Trooper Ryan Mousaw was treated and released at a local hospital.