Happy Halloween from Q103! I just want to remind you to have a safe Halloween and to look out for purging Creepy Clowns, here are some tips!

Frances Day And Friends
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  • Drink Pumpkin Beer!
  • Look both ways before crossing the street.
  • Blind the Creepy Clowns before you attack.
  • Take pictures of the guys/girls in the skimpy Halloween costumes instead of actually taking them home.
  • Drink Whiskey.
  • Have a Designated Driver.
  • Watch out for kids.
  • Cut away from yourself when carving pumpkins.
  • Don't forget to blow out the candle in your pumpkin.
  • If you shoot a Creepy Clown, shoot away from the kids or homes of none Creepy Clown people.
  • If you go into a Haunted House, Cornfield, or maze and you get too scared, close your eye's plug your ears and sing the National Anthem.
  • Don't pick your nose before handing out candy.
  • Break the Creepy Clown's legs with a baseball bat.
  • Throw away any candy that has already been open.
  • Throw candy that smells at Creepy Clowns.
  • If you plan on toilet papering, egging, or shaving cream bombing anyone, run fast but still look both ways when you cross the street.
  • Don't have sex or Jason, Freddy, Michael Myers, Leather Face, or some other slasher will kill you.
  • Eat your beans.
  • If someone gives your kids drugs, sell them back to the people who gave them to your kids, then call the cops on them.
  • Ladies! PM pics of you in your sexy costumes to Dan America on Facebook.


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