The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show kicked off with a question that I feel is a important question. " Have you ever sexted?"


We may not have flying cars and platters of fruit that lower from the ceiling when you say "Fruit please, fruit please." But we have phones with cameras.

The kids may not be wearing their pants with the pockets pulled inside out, but they are sexting.

So the question; "Have you ever sexted?" Is to some degree, a important question. Primarily because it is a great way to initiate sexting.

But does sexting make you creepy, trampy or adventurous and open minded?

Would you want your friends, family or coworkers knowing that you sent a picture of your junk to someone?

In my American opinion, its only creepy if you're telling people that you do, is your way of announcing an open invitation.

It's trampy if you have sexted multiple people. Especially if its at the same time.

It is not adventurous unless it is dangerous and its only open minded the first time.

Have I ever sexted someone? I'm an American. So what do you think?

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