If you are the type that needs to get out there in the public eye in the buff, well this is a list you must view.

Now as appealing as a nude beach may be for a single male like myself, I think I will stay away. One, I can hide the beer belly under a t-shirt. Two, I have a feeling I hitting on someone at a nude beach may be just a little bit awkward. Plus, being nude in public is not really my thing. What if I ran into someone I know!?

But I can certainly understand why someone would be interested, no tan lines. Onto the list. There are a few places to go nude in public right here in the Capital Region.

  • Alice Falls - 2052 Route 9, Keeseville (Okay, not really the Capital Region)
  • Spider Falls - Gansevoort

The Hudson Valley has a couple too, but if this is your thing, you probably would drive.

  • Split Rock Hole Falls - 3197 Route 44 55, Gardiner, NY
  • Stony Kill Falls - Wawarsing, NY

Now mind you, some of these places have the term assigned to them "Nude Friendly" I am assuming that means it is ok to go in the buff but not necessarily a nudist area.

See more places and nudist attractions at the link from NYUP below.