The Interview:

Helium Theater:

Give me some helium, 4 comedians the script from Indian Jones temple of doom and a whole lot of sexual frustration and this is what I come up with.

The Palace Theater is hosting the 5th annual New Years Eve Comedy Blast and the stars of the show stop by the Q103 studios for some fun and to brag about Travon Free’s new found success as a writer for Comedy Central’s Daily Show with John Stewart. I thank God Travon came to the interview with Halli Borgfjord, Pauly Casillas and Eli Braden to provide some credibility to the room. Lord knows my muscles weren’t doing enough to fulfill the credibility quota.

Things get weird, racist and sexy all at once. A heated argument about the shortage of helium breaks out and classy installment of “Q103’s Helium Theater”. Halli Borgfjord, Pauly and I act out a shortened version of Indianan Jones and The Temple of Doom while huffing helium like we were at a frat party. Check out the interview and the tony worthy performance.

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