My sincere thanks to the National Hockey League's television deal for expiring when I started working at an ESPN Radio affiliate. You guys are the best.

Okay, in all sincerity, we're less than a month from hockey season, less than a month from the debut of the Seattle Kraken, and less than a month from the Rangers, Islanders and Sabres returning to the ice.

With the NHL flocking to ESPN and TNT from their previous engagement with NBC, there will be more opportunities for fans to see their teams on the big stage. Reports surfaced saying that most TNT hockey games will be on Wednesday nights, while ESPN and ESPN+ have more of a broad schedule of games.

The national television broadcast schedules were announced earlier this week, so let's take a look at when you can see your respective New York hockey team on the networks.

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Here's the New York Islanders' schedule, courtesy of Andrew Gross of Newsday:

The Rangers' schedule lines up as such:

  • 10/13 @WSH - TNT
  • 11/26 @BOS - ESPN+
  • 12/14 @COL - ESPN+
  • 1/19 vs. TOR - TNT
  • 2/1 vs. FLA - ESPN+
  • 2/24 vs. WSH - ESPN
  • 2/26 @PIT - ABC and ESPN+
  • 3/2 vs. STL - TNT
  • 3/19 @TB - ABC and ESPN+
  • 3/30 @DET - TNT
  • 4/7 vs. PIT - ESPN+
  • 4/13 @PHI - TNT
  • 4/23 @BOS - ABC and ESPN+

Last, but certainly not least, here is when you can see the Sabres on national TV:

  • 10/22 vs. BOS - ESPN+
  • 11/2 @SJS - ESPN+
  • 11/12 vs. EDM - ESPN+
  • 12/7 vs. ANA - ESPN+
  • 2/1 @VGK - ESPN+
  • 3/4 vs. MIN - ESPN+
  • 3/13 vs. TOR - TNT
  • 3/23 vs. PIT - TNT
  • 4/5 vs. CAR - ESPN+
  • 4/7 @ CAR - ESPN+


Having a few games on ABC is going to be an incredible bit of exposure for the NHL. I'm also excited to see the national TV platforms highlighting more teams from out West, and featuring possible "Stanley Cup Final previews" between the best teams from the East and the West. I am optimistic, cautiously so, that this year could be one of the NHL's best, and a foundational year for growth in the near future.

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