‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ is FINALLY out in theaters.

There’s been so much hype that I was skeptical.  There's nothing worse than when the ads are better than the actual movie, which I feel usually happens when a movie is highly promoted.  Plus, I mean, the movie is about Queen.  Can a movie actually really portray how amazing Queen was.  I questioned- would Rami Malek really be believable as Freddie Mercury?

The answer to all of the above: go see the movie! Here's why:

  • Rami Malek: I questioned if he could be Freddie.  Obviously he's not Freddie Mercury. But he did a damn good job portraying him.  The movements, the mannerisms, even the prosthetic teeth.
  • The costumes:  This movie has all the glitz and glamour of Freddie's costumes.
  • Live Aid:  That 20 minute Live Aid performance at Wembley? I literally felt as if I was AT a Queen concert.  I'm not joking.  The audience around me was singing along and stomping their feet.  It left me fantasizing about what if would have been like to see Queen with Freddie Mercury.
  • Queen clips:  Clips of the real band during the credits, of course.
  • The rawness: Sure, it can't capture everything.  The movies really focused on Freddie Mercury, so a lot of other stuff that I'm sure went down in real life got left out.  Nonetheless, its an emotional rollercoaster.  I sang, I stomped my feet, I cried.  I cried again.  I mean really, it's a rollercoaster.
  • The songs:  It's not just clips.  It's heavy on the Queen songs and it's amazing.  Because, of course, it's Queen.

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