Okay, Troy. I understand this was a project late in the year in 2018. But you are telling me you forgot one of the most important things on one of your busiest roads?

Maybe this just is an issue for me because I drive the road every day and encounter the same problem each and every morning when I am running late to get into the studio. But what the hell, you forgot the double yellows when you paved.

So last year I kept getting mad after Troy ripped the road up between Middleburgh and just past Frear Park and then left it like such for a month on Oakwood Avenue. Now I am mad because they didn't repaint the lanes and center line. I have a valid reason though.

Nobody ever gets into the freaking turn lane for Frear Park. Nope. They block the southbound lane instead backing traffic up to Oakwood Cemetery. It's really aggravating.

Troy, here is a short request from a resident of your city. Paint the center lines on Oakwood, please!

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