Welcome to your worst nightmare. Seriously, High on Fire will creep you into the fetal position with their new clip for 'Slave the Hive.' If you have a phobia of being surgically transformed into a half-animal, half-human creature, you may want to skip this one.

'Slave the Hive' is a new track released by High on Fire via Scion A/V. The punishing single was unveiled in October and given away as a free download, which is still available. Unsurprisingly, frontman Matt Pike comes out swinging with his deranged groan and ballistic guitar work. Jeff Matz and Des Kensel lay a solid foundation for the track as well, rounding off High on Fire as one of modern music's best power trios.

This clip for 'Slave the Hive' transitions between High on Fire performing in what looks almost like an abandoned mine and scenes from the deranged hospital. After the clip's protagonist signs his life away, he's whisked down a hallway with signs that read, "You made the right choice" and "Upgrade." Soon after, it's revealed that the man is being pushed down the hallway by a half-man, half bunny creation straight from 'Island of Lost Souls.'

As the man grins mindlessly, he's introduced to more animalized beings who prep their patient for surgery. During the procedure, the man seems to be comprised of computer parts, which are manipulated by his beastly surgeons. The main character receives final "upgrade," but you'll have to check out the video to see what he's been turned into.

Check out High on Fire's video for 'Slave the Hive' above!

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