A high school football game was delayed on Friday when Burnt Hills students began to chant a derogatory name at the visiting team, Amsterdam.

"Amster-ico" was being chanted by students of the home team. Amsterdam coaches were said to be visibly upset on the side lines and even Burnt Hills coach Matt Shell didn't take too kindly to the chant. He went on the stadium PA system to address the crowd, asking the students to stop the chant. Shell even threatened to end the game which was already in the 4th quarter at this point.

Shell spoke with Times Union about the chant:

The thing in the stands was kids and not the adults.

Kids are kids, and they get emotional. You see it on the football field, it's an emotional game. The Amsterdam kids, we've played them for years, and they're good kids. That stuff, there's no place for it in the game, whether it's coming from the stands or whether it's coming from the field.

There's no place for it.

To be honest, I've lived here a year now and my first introduction to Amsterdam was by the name "Amester-ico." I understand the reference and how it can be seen as derogatory, but my question is - do you see it as that?