The holiday season is upon us! Even if you don't like the winter or the cold weather, you can't fight it.  It's officially December.  But, there are some great things about the holiday season in the Capital Region.  Here's just a few:

  • Holiday Concerts:  The holiday's always mean great live music and concert specials!  This year- of course our 'On the Dark Side of Christmas' holiday show at Upstate Concert Hall, and hello- Breaking Benjamin/Five Finger Death Punch at the Times Union Center!
  • Shopping Specials: If you've set one foot in Colonie Center yet, you might think it's already the end of December.  Wreaths everywhere, holiday music playing.  But also, the holiday season brings tons of shopping specials, so who can complain! Get festive, because with all the shopping centers around here, you're bound to find a good deal somewhere.
  • Street Lights: I'm partial to downtown Troy during the holiday season.  I find all of the store lights and brick buildings such a perfect fit for the holiday season.  But really, I love driving around the Capital District during the holidays and checking out all the street lights and house displays.
  • What kinds of things do you love about the Capital Region during the holidays? Let us know!