I used to work for Hollywood Video on Central Ave in Albany and East Greenbush, I worked for the good old video store until the bitter end, now I am the video store.

When I first saw Krull I was very young and very confused because I did not know what I was watching. Now that I am older I am no longer confused but I feel that the people who made Krull were confused.

Still not sure if it was Liam Neeson's first movie.

I did learn that Krull had a huge budget and it makes you wonder:

  • What did they really spend all of the money on?
  • Were science fiction movies really that expensive to make in the 80's?
  • Did they spend all of their money on drugs?
  • Is there some secret version of the movie that is good?
  • How much of the budget did they pocket?
  • They must of thought that they did a really good job.

In conclusion: Krull is awesome because it's too 80's bad not to be.



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