Whether you like it or not...it's back to school time again.

As a parent I obviously want the best education for my kids. When we moved to the Capital District the school district we moved into was important in our decision where we bought our house. When it comes to a great school district teachers make the biggest difference....think about when you were in school. Great teachers made learning fun, engaging and successful. Bad teachers made me want to goof-off and make spit balls.

So. lets get to the nitty gritty.  What are the best school districts Upstate New York?

According to an article in www.nyup.com the number #1 school district is ranked by the best teachers is Brighton Central School District in Monroe County.

A new ranking from Niche.com for the year 2020 uses data about teacher salaries, absenteeism, tenure and other factors to rank every school district in the United States by the quality of each district's teachers.

So, how did your school district do on the list?

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