I personally can't think of many horrible foods that come from New York. Of course, we are the home of the best food ever Buffalo wings. That isn't it.

The food receiving the "Grossest Food in New York" distinction is indeed the beloved garbage plate of Central and Western New York. Now I sooooo disagree with the assessment of this. Garbage plates are delicious and the perfect drunk food in my opinion. How can you beat being a few beers deep and having every delicious food known to the common man shoved into one dish? You can't it is as simple as that.

So to be fair it seems like whoever actually decided to pick this as a dish has no positive things to say about the state.

Upstate New York is essentially a giant garbage dump. There's no surprise, then, that the regional delicacy is basically a plate of meat, baked beans, fries, and possibly raccoon butt slopped together in a giant, heaving mess of glomp.-TopixOffbeat.com

I really hope there is humor in that statement seeing as I love garbage plates.. What do you think?