ShaeDel and Nick are at Six Flags Great Escape, suited up, connected to a tension cable, and ready to enjoy the Skycoaster

If you're unfamiliar with the Skycoaster:

You're pulled up 15 stories, connected arm to arm in a giant blanket like thing via cable, and dropped like a sack of rocks. Sounds like a hoot, no?

Back to the story.

Just before ShaeDel and Nick walk up, they ask one of their buds to record their balls to the wall experience.


And that is why Six Flags Great Escape should offer a video recording service. It's easy, someone follows you around professionally recording you crapping your pants all day long. How awesome and lucrative would that be?

But nope, Nick and ShaeDel are stuck with the above video of their 'memory'.

Ps- Someone needs to show that person filming the above video how to zoom out.