Here' a hint ... don't bet McGregor to win.

Now I'm not trying to be hater or anything I actually usually always tend to bet the underdog in general but in this particular case it is not the wisest bet because you see, EVERYONE is betting on McGregor to win.

So much so Vegas is having a real hard time with it. Look, I am in no way an expert and I'll be honest when I say I really don't quite grasp the maths involved in figure out odds and payouts and all that jazz. However, I did read that the whole situation has gotten so out of hand that you would have to bet $100 on McGregor in order to win like $4 and some change. Again, I am no expert but that seems more of a loss than win here and isn't the whole purpose of betting to win money?

So on this weeks Free Advice Friday Vinnie and I thought we could throw out some alternative betting options for you that might net you a bit more cash...



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