Hulk Hogan today was in court for a second day of trials on his Gawker case. Said case actually cost him his lucrative job with WWE. He actually was asked while under oath about the size of his penis.

So, I cant believe I'm actually writing about this but I am. As I was scrolling across the New York Post website I found possibly the best article of my life. I have been a massive wrestling fan since the late 90's when Hogan was still boasting that he had 24 inch pythons. Apparently he boasted on a radio show that his penis was 10 Inches. Why does it not shock me that Hogan would talk about that. The man seemingly is a complete and total liar on many things.

I'm curious to find out a little bit more on why he was even being questioned about this. However, the most unique part of this whole thing (Ha Ha) is that he actually under oath said Hulks penis is that size but mine isn't.

When he "hulks" up. It must mean he goes into his top dresser drawer. Pulls out his vitamins (Viagra) then his penis pump along with saying a prayer and presto, 10 inch penis. But for the record, Terry Bollea doesn't have a 10 inch penis. God I hope more questions like this arise from this riveting set of trials.