I support gender equality in America so I was very excited about 'Go Topless Day' if you could not tell from what I wrote in my blog on Friday. I even joined in on the fun via Instagram, Vine, Twitter and Tumblr.

Although I supported, promoted and joined in on the fun, I was very disappointed with 'Go Topless Day.'

I was disappointed because:

I asked for pictures and videos of people going topless on 'Go Topless Day.' I received none.

I specifically asked for the people participating in 'Go Topless Day' not to cover up their nipples with nipple pasties, paint or tape.

Every picture or video that I have seen so far of 'Go Topless Day' (that were not sent to me) are of people wearing nipple pasties, paint or tape over their nipples!

Therefore 'Go Topless Day' was a failure!

You are not topless if you are not showing your nipples! Because you have not officially seen a boob or a naked chest unless you can see the nipples, covering up your nipples defeats the point of going topless, do you see guys with their shirts off covering up their nipples? NO! You don't!

Because you are not completely topless if you are covering up your nipples!

Did I miss something? was it "Go Topless Day, but cover up your nipples."

And what does it say about 'Gender Equality' in America if men can walk around without a shirt on but if woman want to do the same thing, they have to wear something over their nipples? That is not how it works!

Equality would be if everyone showed their nipples!

I am not a hypocrite!

The nipple pasties were not my idea, it was someone else's bad idea, I did not want to wear nipple pasties because the real Cupid showed his nipples, come to think of it: When ever you all those famous statues of naked people in Europe they're not covering up their nipples!

So it's an American thing?

Are American Women's nipples special or something?

What makes American nipples so different from the rest of the world?

In conclusion: #NippleEquality


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